Artworks update

vidd vidd at
Mon Sep 29 12:20:00 UTC 2008

jmak wrote:
> Hello all,
> Here are some news about the current state of artworks for intrepid.
> More less the artworks are done. I reorganized  the wiki page by
> putting the recommended artworks for intrepid to the front, for better
> reviewing.
>  I incorporated the logos in the new wallpapers experimentally.
> Because of this, I created two versions of them, one for regular and
> one for wide screen monitors.
> The gtk theme still not completely decided on. In my last write up, I
> recommended unity. Since then lots of things happened. Among others a
> brand new theme, New wave (a darkish theme) was created that is based
> on the newest murrine engine. Looks pretty cool and it comes with a
> new xfwm4 theme. I also uploaded that one for review. Please take a
> look at it.
> For the icon theme, I recommend Gnome colors. Look at the screen shot.
> Cody, don't forget implementing the panel icon improvement script, I
> sent over to you a few weeks back. This would be important because the
> script makes the panel icons as good as in gnome.
> Look at the differences:
> All the archive files are up on the wiki ready for implementation.
> jmak

Nice work !
I personally prefer the look of the unity over the NewWave.

I also like the idea of having the logo on the default wallpaper, but is 
it possible that placing the logo in the center will have it scale 
properly so that one image can be used for both wide and normal screens? 
Also, I believe the logo would be more appealing if it was over a 
lighter shade rather then the dark shade in the lower right.

While Gnome Colors looks fresh, I think I actually like the icons in the 
"Customized Murrina theme + daolo xfwm4 wm theme" screen shot (is that 
icon theme fully fleshed out?)

Thank you

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