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The following message was sent to the xubuntu-users mailinglist. Is it an
idea to install firefox-gnome-support by default? (Not sure about the
dependencies) It's quite an annoying problem...

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Date: Mon, Sep 22, 2008 at 6:44 AM
Subject: [xubuntu-users] Fix for Firefox 3 app association problem
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 Xubuntu users,

Like me, you might have been putting up with the problem in Firefox 3 with
opening .jpg files from web-mail, and other file types having no associated
program, although the assocation is defined in Thunar.

The fix is easy - when you know how - install *firefox-gnome-support*.

Seems to me it is only a problem in Xubuntu and Kubuntu, not Ubuntu.


After installing this package, my Firefox application list is no longer
empty, and when I click on a jpg file, it asks to open it with the default
application that I have previously chosen.

David Collins

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