Testing 8.04 on Toshiba A105

Bob Gotthardt bobgott at ptd.net
Tue May 6 01:37:30 UTC 2008


I'm a new, fascinated user testing Xubuntu 8.04 on an underpowered 
Toshiba Satellite laptop. Unfortunately for dual-boot, I can only 
retrieve a 10G partition from this 80G Vista drive [MFT near 64G mark 
prevents further shrinkage]. Ubuntu 7.14 and 8.04 have tested well also. 
'Hardware Report' was sent and I joined Launchpad.

How do you feel I will fare installing Xubuntu 8.04 in this 10G 
partition? Do you have any suggestions? Do you recommend otherwise, what 
about another release? This is a personal use machine with no special 
applications [I need alternative to Vista] and I'll share any 
experiences with you.

This Toshiba has only 512MB, but that can be increased and I can add 
another disk for Ubuntu use. Any comments and help appreciated.


Bob Gotthardt

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