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For those not following the Xfce-dev mailinglist: Xfce has applied to be a
mentoring organization in Google's 2008 Summer of Code. Seeing as they
weren't approved in 2006, this year they want to make sure Google sees that
there are students willing to participate.

Therefore, if you happen to be a student and would like to participate in
GSoC 2008 for Xfce, be sure to add your name to

It would also be very much appreciated if you could place a call for
students on your blog or website if you have one, as this would be an
excellent opportunity to improve Xfce.

See also Brian's email:

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Subject: call for advertising: google summer of code 2008
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Hi all,

As some of you already know, I'm in the process of applying to Google's
Summer of Code as a mentoring organisation.  Xfce applied in 2006, but
wasn't accepted.  I don't really know why, but hopefully this year we
can do a bit better.  To that end, I've created a few pages on our wiki,
and people have been working on them for the past couple weeks:


Now, we won't know if we've been accepted into the program until March
17th.  However, I'd like to generate some interest for our participation
in the program; in particular, I'd like to get some names on that
'students' wiki page.

So, if you don't mind, if you have a blog, or some other means of
publishing to a group of people (via means other than spam, of course),
could you please do a little advertising for us?  Just point out that
we're applying to the program, we're looking for student participants,
and give a link to our wiki page (the main 'ideas' page).



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