dapper to hardy upgrade

Dave Dodge dododge at dododge.net
Mon Mar 10 06:49:24 UTC 2008

On Tue, Mar 04, 2008 at 11:07:46PM -0500, vidd wrote:
> Using the update-manager
>     An up-to-date dapper install has update-manager installed
>     As instructed, the -d switch was required (presumable will not be 
> upon final release)
>     Worked fairly well

Just another data point: I tried using update-manager to go from 6.06
to 8.04 (amd64 desktop) this weekend and it failed badly.  For example
/dev/null ended up with permissions 600, which broke just about
everything.  After finding out how to fix that (google indicates I'm
far from the only one to run into this) I still couldn't sudo or su to
do any other fixups.

I quickly gave up and just loaded 8.04 from CD.  This also had a lot
of trouble.  I always use LVM, so the Xubuntu 8.04 alpha-6 desktop
installer won't work.  I tried a Xubuntu 8.04 daily alternate, but
that failed during package installation with a hash sum mismatch on
one of the packages (more about that below).  I then tried Ubuntu 8.04
alpha-6 alternate and got a similar hash sum mismatch.

Looking at the symptoms more closely (mainly on the Ubuntu 8.04
alpha-6 CD): when the installer first starts up everything is fine.
The CD is mounted at /cdrom and validates through the installer menu.
If I go to a shell and dd|md5sum the CD device, I get the correct
checksum, so I know the entire CD is readable by the drive.

Later during the installer it mounts the CD a second time under
/target, and this second mounting seems to be where things go wrong.
dmesg suddenly shows a sense key failure on the drive and a few failed
blocks.  The I/O errors cause the ISO filesystem to choke, and some
files and directories in the CD's filesystem (at both mountpoints)
suddenly become inaccessible.  Now the CD no longer validates.  If you
try installing packages from it, apt eventually hits an I/O error on
some file it needs and everything fails.  On the Ubuntu CD it
consistently bombed out on the acpi package; I see a few similar
reports via google, though mostly with 7.10.

Strangely by loop-mounting the CD device I was able to read the whole
ISO filesystem again (I think).  As a long shot I tried mounting that
over the failing target cdrom mountpoint, but that caused the
installer kernel to panic and freeze.

As a workaround I edited /target/lib/apt/sources, replacing the CD
with the networked repository.  This worked fine (albeit slowly),
until near the end of the install when the installer overwrote
apt/sources and put the CD back in the list.  At that point the
installer started asking for me to insert the CD (which was already in
the drive, which was locked).  Hitting "ok" or "cancel" just brought
up the same dialog again in an infinite loop.  To get past this point
I had to go into a shell, kill any apt-related processes I could find,
and remove the apt lock files manually.

I had to touch up a few other things by hand -- for example grub
picked the wrong boot partition -- but the machine is finally back up
and working.  Or at least it was until the 2.6.24-12 kernel that broke
everybody's sound a few hours ago :-)

                                                  -Dave Dodge

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