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Hello Xubuntu Developers,

Please see the below forwarded message for details on how we'll be tracking
release critical bugs for Intrepid.


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Dear developers,

Launchpad has both the concepts of target for a release and milestone
targets, which different groups use for different purposes. At UDS
Prague we held a session on updating the procedures used for tracking
Release Critical bugs to ensure clarity around how these settings are
used in the context of a release.

The updated policy is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RCBugTargetting
In brief it states:

* Bugs are considered Release Critical when they are targeted for a release
 _and_ have priority High or above

* Release Critical bugs should all have designated assignees responsible
 for fixing the bug

* Bugs that are targeted for a release but have priorities Medium or below
 are targets of opportunity that should be fixed if possible but will not
 block the release

* Bug targeted for a release _and_ milestoned are considered essential for
 the success of that particular milestone

* Milestones on non-targeted bugs can be used by developers to track their
 own work

Please read these guidelines and help us apply them consistently. This
will ensure that Release Critical bugs show up on the appropriate
Launchpad tracking pages and get the attention they require. Thank you.

Henrik Nilsen Omma
Ubuntu QA Team

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