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On Fri, Jun 6, 2008 at 5:44 PM, jmak <jozmak at> wrote:

> Hello all,
> Here are a few ideas that I am proposing for xubuntu's next release.
> The order of items are indicating the priority of tasks.
> 1) Create a brand new gtk theme. For the time being, I am suggesting
> the use of Unity. The theme has been created by Cimi, a gnome
> developer; it is fast and bug free. The theme has a nice gray tone to
> it. Easy on the eye and contemporary in appearance. It harmonizes
> with any color schemes. As a bonus, it is already included in the
> universe repository as a part of the gnome extras package. Cimi will
> release a brand new murrina engine and a range of new themes in
> August. We can take a look at these themes when they will be available
> and we can decide  about their use.

Create or use a new GTK theme? Creating sounds like a hell of a job... :)

> 2) Replace the Tango icons to a more modern and visually appealing
> theme. I have created a new wiki page for visual ideas. If you have
> any suggestion for icons or any other idea please indicate it on the
> wiki; this way all ideas will be in one place for easier review. The
> address is:

The problem is, of course, that we do need a complete set. Perhaps Fedora's
new Echo icon theme is something to look at?

> 3) Make sure that the fine details of the desktop is taken care of.
> This is something, I have been advocating for many years but always
> ignored. The details may include theming the panel, improving the
> icons' appearances on the panel or getting rid of the visual noises
> (for instance, the label backgrounds).

It'd be highly preferred if the icon label backgrounds could be edited
graphically. I don't know what Xfce 4.6 will have to offer in that area...?

As for theming the panel: just have a go at it, I'd say. I believe it can
just be done in the GTK theme, so...

> 4) New Usplash and throbber. The current one (the throbber) is nothing
> less than atrocious (borrowed from Ubuntu), it made the Usplash look
> like an ugly patchwork; this needs to be tackled. Lets keep in mind
> that the Usplash is not there only to inform or entertain, but also to
> function as a branding image; this is what the user sees at each boot
> up-- it supposed to burn the brand image in the mind of the user.

I absolutely agree and would welcome almost any change on especially the

> 5) New gdm theme. We had problems finding the correct size of the
> login box for hardy. Maybe someone can help me figuring out why the
> size of the box appears inconsistent at different installations.
> 6) Wallpaper. I am thinking about some darker wallpaper this time
> (dark blue or even black?) to create a more dynamic look and feel and
> prevent the desktop from turning into an all too monochromatic
> experience.

> That's it for now. If you have any idea let us know so that we can
> discuss it in more details.
> jmak
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