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Jani Monoses jani at
Thu Jan 31 21:29:31 UTC 2008

Hi Kaspar,

thanks for the feedback, no problem if you 'jump in' :)

Kaspar Kööp wrote:
> i'm sorry to come into between you two, but i have also felt the 
> responsiveness i got out of my old lappy, slip between my fingers when 
> running the xubuntu gutsy... it used to be so smooth and fast... now it 
> hogs... as in fresh install hog... therefore i have moved my lappy to 
> something lighter (fluxbuntu)
> i understand what Jerome is saying... and i also understand why Jani 
> needs numbers to back it down... but how can i back down what i say with 
> numbers, how could i explain what i feel using xubuntu every day? i love 
> xubuntu... but i have to say the responsiveness has gone from it
> why not the developers (before changing the programs) run some 
> benchmarks and get values that are really acceptable, so we (the users) 
> could see that the change in programs will not effect the overall 
> responsiveness.
> Jani, you need to defend your approach, i understand, but please, 
> honestly, don't you miss the fast-xubuntu we used to have? or are your 
> computers all too new and fast to see the difference?

Actually I feel the slowdown too and I am sorry to feel it. But the 
thing is, it does not come from the apps we changed. Those were in large 
part apps that you run once do you task and close them.

I would understand if you said that switching back to xscreensaver you 
got a noticably faster desktop start, or that managing arhives with file 
roller became slower after swicthing from xarchive, but you seem to feel 
the general sluggishness.

And that is due to Ubuntu's base system slowness coming from a variety 
of reasons: there are now python initscripts started for hplip, GTK 
itself and X may be less responsive than the versions before, font 
rendering may be slower etc. One of the things which was our choice is 
running the printer GUI daemon but that, as the other additions to 
recent Xubuntu can be either uninstalled or removed form the startup app 

Let me repeat this, I am not saying there is no slowing down, I feel it 
too, have been saying it for a while, and I have done a lot of specific 
patches during the past two years to GNOME apps to get them slimmer. 
However the problems many times lie elsewhere.

If you really thought fluxbuntu is slimmer it means you picked a 
different environment altogether, whereas if only my GNOME apps choices 
are the ones that ruin the show you could have kept Xfce core and be happy.

But if Xfce is slow with the non-GNOME apps thrown in than it's not 
entirely the GNOME apps fault.


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