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Thu Jan 31 17:27:07 UTC 2008

On 31/01/2008, Jérôme Guelfucci <jerome.guelfucci at> wrote:
> Well, the changes I remind:
> - gnome-screensaver -> xscreensaver: doesn't make much difference
- file-roller -> squeeze: squeeze is fast, light, seems to have most
> features needed for an archive manager. It's stable, upstream answers
> quickly to bug reports and features requests. There is a crasher In
> Hardy (doesn't happen in Gutsy with the same version) but work is in
> progress to fix it.

If Squeeze is stable that's really cool.

- gthumb/or whatever was before -> ristretto: ristretto is fast, light
> and stable, same maintainer as squeeze and same postive feedback.

Sounds cool enough.

- gnome-mount -> exo-mount: we just loose one feature, encrypted
> partitions, but it's not really a key feature. This change makes it
> relally easy to follow debian and upstream changes.

Sounds fine too.

- totem -> * : this hasn't been decided yet, maybe mplayer-gtk or keep
> gnome.

Note that mplayer cannot be shipped due to licensing issues. I'd at least
change totem-xine to totem-gstreamer as xubuntu-desktop now conflicts with
ubuntu-desktop (as was discussed on this list before).

I've a P2 450MHz and I can tell you I really feel the difference on
> disk usage, memory and cpu usage ! The last annoying application is
> Firefox 2 but Firefox 3 should be released on time and should be
> really better.

Yeah, I'm also eagerly awaiting 3. It's good that they're working on a
mobile version, so that they finally take on those performance issues. Of
course, Epiphany is also an option, but I suppose that wouldn't be
appreciated by many (right?).

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