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Sun Jan 6 09:30:42 UTC 2008


Either I made a mistake, or somehow there just was no meeting yesterday:
(Yes, I know, I should've sent out a reminder)

Anyway, there were two issues I wanted to raise:

 * totem-xine vs. totem-gstreamer

When we decided to use totem-xine instead of totem-gstreamer, I think we
forgot one thing: totem-xine conflicts with totem-gstreamer. As a result,
xubuntu-desktop now conflicts with ubuntu-desktop. I suppose this is a
problem, so perhaps we could reconsider totem-gstreamer for Hardy?

 * Add/Remove...

I added this to the agenda in some meeting before, but since I couldn't make
it then, I could not elaborate on it.
In my opinion, the location of the "Add/Remove..." application is a bit odd.
When I first used Linux (that was Ubuntu Warty) I did not know how to
install applications. Back then, I believe there wasn't even an
Add/Remove... At present, however, it is easy to find out in Ubuntu how to
install applications: Applications->Add/Remove...
In Xubuntu, it isn't that logical, because there just is an "Add/Remove..."
application that is located in the System menu. It isn't called "Add/Remove
Applications" or something, and I guess it'd be more clear in the main menu
So what do you think?

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