Trash, window-raising behaviour?

Kristian Rink kawazu at
Wed Feb 20 08:07:23 UTC 2008


sorry to post two not completely related questions in one message, but
after these both issues have been bugging me in 7.10 for a while now, I
wanted to ask around whether someone can be of some help possibly
getting over them:

(a) "Trash": Though the idea of moving files to trash instead of
directly deleting them might have some advantages in some situations, I
don't at all like to have vast amounts of crap in .Trash-whatever
folders on my hard drives and, more annoyingly, on external media (like
USB sticks). Is there a way to, in Thunar, make the application forget
about .Trash/ and directly delete files whenever I select "delete" in a
Thunar window? Can, optionally, this kind of behaviour applied at least
to "external", small media?

(b) "Firefox window raiser": I do not know whether this is specific to
Firefox, but this is where I usually stumble across that: In my daily
environment, I make massive use of virtual desktops, having them sorted
in a possibly a little pedantic order: mail client on desk 1, browser
and related things on 2, NetBeans (my daily working-horse) on 3,
anything else beyond that. Both my mailer and NetBeans (for web app
development) are configured to use Firefox as default browser, fine.
However, as soon as I click on a link in a mail, the URL is not just
opened in a new tab in Firefox, but my browser also is brought to the
front, focused (fine) and moved to desk 1 (not so fine). Same way,
running a webapp from within NetBeans, it is opened in a new tab in
Firefox, Firefox is brought to front, focused (fine) and moved to desk
3 (bad). I am not sure whether Firefox is about to blame for that, but
so far I consider window placement and focus management to be an issue
of the window manager so I wonder whether there's some way how to keep
"the environment" from moving windows to other desks automatically?

Thanks in advance for any hints, best regards.

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