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Jani Monoses jani at
Thu Feb 14 07:52:58 UTC 2008

>> I ran both g-s-m and xfce4-taskmanager side by side
>>     g-s-m is
>>         visually more appealing
>>         using between 19-52 % of my CPU
>>     xfce4-taskmanager is
>>        more spartan
>>        using between 5-17 % of my CPU
> I'm using Feisty on 1Ghz machine.  Xfce4-taskmanager is taking 1-2% CPU.
> g-s-m is taking 1-2% in system and file systems tabs, 3-4%[1] in resources
> tab and 7-8% in processes tab.

I have just looked and g-s-m is around 5-6%, x-t is 2-3%.

g-s-m hss a lot more useful info, more detalied about memory usage, and 
is easier to manage task (as Eero said)

For monitoring such values the xfce panel has the applets, but those are 
external processes and usually take up around 3-4M.

g-s-m has a easy to understand (for newbies) system info (cpu type, 
memory size).


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