Hardy powermanagement

Olivier Keun olivier at capstone.nl
Mon Feb 11 14:28:51 UTC 2008

Can anyone tell me what the policy on powermanagement is for Hardy? I 
experience some problems with the current implementation, and wanted to 
ask here before filing bug reports.

One of the Xubuntu machines i use here is a Dell XPS M1330, which 
suffers from some major problems under Hardy. For instance:

1) The backlight doesn' t go off when closing the lid (is this a Xubuntu 
or Nvidia issue?).

2) The system doesn't hibernate when the battery empties but just shuts 
down, losing all open applications.

I don't see any powersaving methods running in the background such as 
xcreensaver-daemon or gnome-powermanagement (are they supposed to?). 
Actually, it might be that no powermanagement is happening at all, i 
should have to test some more scenarios for more information.

I hope you can all forgive me for asking this while other overheated 
discussions are going on, but as it's really quite critical for using 
Hardy on notebooks i dediced to bring it on anyway.


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