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Tue Feb 12 14:59:56 UTC 2008

On 12/02/2008, Lionel Le Folgoc <mrpouit at> wrote:
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> > So please refrain from perpetrating bogus ideas such as the above.
> * I justified the changes, just re-read your mails (yeah, that could be
> hard, but try, no, really, try again...):
>   - gnome-screensaver has a huge security issue when xfwm4 compositing
> is enabled, and thus won't be seeded in xubuntu.

I've elaborated on the signigicant advantages of g-s-s before, and I think
they far outweight a marginal case as this. Realistically, how many people
have xfwm4 compositing enabled? It's not like it's that much lighter than
Compiz, while it's far less feature rich. It might be more stable but most
people enabling compositing are willing to compromise stability for

Also, what kind of security is this you're talking about? Can a malicious
hacker connect to your computer over the internet and steal all your
documents or make your computer crash? Can other users physically take the
computer and log in to your account without using your password?

>   - gnome-mount does not integrate well with thunar/exo (double
> combo-box problem for example). Same issue here, it seems you are able
> to skip the explanations only to start your little war.

Personally (though I think many will agree with me), I find a double
confirmation window *far* less annoying then not being able to unmount my
stuff at all due to permissions issues.

  - xfce4-taskmanager: not buggy anymore since I reverted your broken
> upload, and it does integrate well with the rest of the xfce desktop.

I don't see how it integrates better, but in any case, gnome-system-monitor
has a lot of advantages. As I've mentioned before, just listing Xubuntu's
version in the System tab is a huge benefit when trying to help people. Next
to that, the Resources tab also provides useful information that you'd have
to miss in xfce4-taskmanager.

> Cheers,
> Lionel
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> Lionel Le Folgoc -
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And I forgot to mention it, but also a +1 for weighing the pros and cons
from me. Please, I think I've clearly outlined what I think are the benefits
of said applications, if you could consider those and see if the cons really
outweigh these pros then say so.


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