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Jani Monoses jani at
Wed Feb 6 08:38:07 UTC 2008

> This is getting ridiculous. If you think Xfce is so bad that it has to 
> be patched up with various bits of GNOME, why are you even working on an 

Xfce itself does not need to be patches (much). It needs however to be 
complemented with apps that they do not have or the ones that they are 
working on are immature.
> Xfce-based adaption of Ubuntu? If you think the Xfce devs are lazy about 
> fixing bugs and putting out new releases, why are you not working for 
> GNOME instead?

Actually I am working on GNOME, since seeing that Xfce does not have a 
clear goal and schedule. But that is fine, their core is solid, that is 
why it should be in Xubuntu. But the apps are missing and that is where
gnome apps are more appropriate.

> Xfce has far fewer developers and users than GNOME does. They can't 
> possibly respond to bugs and user requests at the same rate the GNOME 
> devs do. If you dislike this, move to GNOME.
> I'm curious as to why you have any interest in Xfce at all, at this point.

I am curious why are you writing at all if you have nothing constructive 
or informative to add to the thread?


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