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Jani Monoses jani at
Wed Feb 6 08:34:31 UTC 2008

Lionel Le Folgoc wrote:
> Jani Monoses a écrit :
>> You go and improve Xfce.  I have tried during dapper and after and have 
> Stop rewriting history please: you decided to ship a svn version of
> xfce4.4 in dapper against the opinion of the xfce dev team. And they are

And turned out I was right acting against of some of their devs' 
opinions. You have not been around then, so accusing me of rewriting 
history is stupid.

Brian was the only one who opposed the svn move, while Olivier and 
Jasper were in agreement, and Benedikt since he was working on Thunar 
was again in agreement.

> still blaming us for that (Cody proposed to do the same in hardy, and
> they strongly said 'no' :).

I am pretty sure they are not blaming us for that. They may not like 
using svn stuff *now* but at that time it was either 4.4 svn or 4.2.
I picked 4.4, exposed it to a lot of testers, sent a lot of bugreports, 
and quite a few patches and generally contributed to being the first or 
among the first distros to ship Xfce 4.4

The situation was different for Dapper, it was our first release and we 
had nothing to lose, while Xfce 4.4 even in svn was clearly stable 
enough and superior to 4.2

In short, you have no idea what you're talking about and keep misleading 
the list.

>> given up. Most of the devs don't care about timely releases and users as
>> they work for fun mostly.
> Why do you try to adapt the gnome dev cycle to xfce?

By what processes of reason have you reached that conclusion from my 
stating the obvious truth that Xfce does not care about timely releases?


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