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Wed Feb 6 08:09:29 UTC 2008

On 06/02/2008, Robert McWilliam <rmcw at> wrote:
> > i see a lot of people (a lot in this case means the majority from the
> posts i
> > have read on this list) wanting back lightweight programs... and i see a
> few
> > (or one) who wants to go all out with xUBUNTU
> Not to pick on anyone but the argument that using apps from Ubuntu is
> just turning Xubuntu into Ubuntu is ludicrous. Xubuntu *is* based on
> Ubuntu, there is a huge amount of stuff in common. The discussion is
> about where the balance should be between reusing the Ubuntu stuff and
> using stuff from else where. We might get somewhere if we can all
> stick to discussing that rather than taking everything that is said
> and extrapolating to illogical conclusions :)

You know, this made me think about my own situation.

When I was yet younger I tried my very best to be different to my brother.
In the end, however, I realized that, though we do have _a lot_ in common,
there's also a whole world of difference between us. I am not my brother,
nor is he me.

The same holds true for Xubuntu. Though Xubuntu 7.10 has a lot of common
with Ubuntu, there still is a whole world of difference. I installed my
mother Ubuntu and have been using it a bit myself, and I notice that I still
greatly prefer the cleanness of Xubuntu.


On 05/02/2008, Ghostvirus <theghostvirus at> wrote:
> On Feb 5, 2008 5:03 PM, Jani Monoses <jani at> wrote:
> > You go and improve Xfce.  I have tried during dapper and after and have
> > given up. Most of the devs don't care about timely releases and users as
> > they work for fun mostly.
> > You're ridiculously misguided if you think that improving Xfce and
> > writing everything from zero is easier than reusing existing apps and
> > improving them instead , and you are ready to risk users' experience
> > because you're on a mission to fix Xfce.
> >
> This is getting ridiculous. If you think Xfce is so bad that it has to be
> patched up with various bits of GNOME, why are you even working on an
> Xfce-based adaption of Ubuntu? If you think the Xfce devs are lazy about
> fixing bugs and putting out new releases, why are you not working for GNOME
> instead?

It's not that the Xfce developers are lazy, it's - as you said - that they
have far fewer developers and mainly work for fun, which just means that not
all apps are up to scratch. Indeed, they cannot respond too bugs and user
requests at GNOME's rate, however, that is no reason to use their
applications. Xfce4-taskmanager is certainly not as full-featured as
gnome-system-monitor - for one, it's far easier when writing guides to be
able to tell people where they can find the version of Xubuntu that's
installed (*without* entering a terminal command).

Sometimes, applications that happen to have "gnome" in their name and are
also used by GNOME *are* better than their Xfce counterparts. Therefore, it
is not warranted not to consider the inclusion of those apps solely
motivated by the name.

Xfce has far fewer developers and users than GNOME does. They can't possibly
> respond to bugs and user requests at the same rate the GNOME devs do. If you
> dislike this, move to GNOME.
> I'm curious as to why you have any interest in Xfce at all, at this point.

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