Xubuntu's goals

Arthur H. Johnson II arthur.johnson at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 19:18:00 UTC 2008

Vincent wrote:
> Hi all,
> Another branch off, regarding Xubuntu's goals.
> I've asked this in the past, and then I was told that Xubuntu's goal 
> was user-friendliness.
> However, with the recent discussion, it seems that Xubuntu's primary 
> goal could also be either to create a light-weight distribution, or to 
> promote Xfce.
> I'd like some clarity on this whole issue, and I'd prefer to hear from 
> the main developers (packagers) what they have in mind regarding 
> Xubuntu. If the goals have changed considerably, perhaps it is time 
> for me to look for another distribution that does suit my needs, and 
> Xubuntu could really start focusing on this one specific group. IMHO a 
> bit of clarity would make life easier for everyone and the best for 
> the project that is Xubuntu, too.
> Best,
> -- 
> Vincent 
I think the focus should be on making Xubuntu the lightweight 
Ubuntu-like distro, as well as promoting Xfce.  In other words, I feel 
that Xfce is the perfect tool to unite all the low-calorie applications 

Being user friendly should take a back seat to bringing Ubuntu to 
platforms like old laptops, UMPCs, or making hardware with limited 
resources like new again.

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