seed changes

Jani Monoses jani at
Tue Feb 5 17:33:53 UTC 2008

Jérôme Guelfucci wrote:
> I will not contribute to Xubuntu anymore until the development team of
> Xubuntu is able to do things that Jani do not want. You haven't done
> anything for Xubuntu Hardy, why are you modifying the seeds ? Remeinds
> me of the Gutsy development where Lionel took care of packaging, I
> took care of bug triage, and one month before the release super Jani
> modifies the seeds, so that he can say he has done something, and that
> he is the super boss.

Jerome, you apparently have no idea how collaborative open souce 
projects are supposed to work. Xubuntu is not a pet project of anyone,
it's not a one man show on sourceforge where the maintainer gets a kick 
out of imposing his or her view and feeling accomplished because of this.

I don't care about being 'super boss'. Super boss of what????
I do care about the users being happy with whatever I work on, it has 
nothing to do with any person in particular.

Apart from that the package selection and goal of distro has little to 
do with who does the bug triaging or packaging. Xubuntu is part of the 
Ubuntu project, please study how they make decisions. Short version: the 
decisions are not necessarily made by thise who work hardest, they are 
reached by discussion and with a clear goal in mind.

The fact that you refuse to work on the project unless you have your way 
also says something about how much you care about it.

Also read the code of conduct again.


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