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Adi Roiban adi at
Mon Feb 4 10:57:50 UTC 2008


I'm just a user of xubuntu.

the gtk-print-manager is recommended over gnome-cups-manager

Also please do not remove gnome-screensaver. It is very important to
switch users.

I have installed xubuntu to some friend and after using xubuntu for a
while they were asking me to install them gnome as xubuntu lacks
They don't have powerful computer but they are willing to use slower
programs that can help them do their tasks.

În data de Vi, 01-02-2008 la 19:27 +0100, Lionel Le Folgoc (mr_pouit) a

> I would be glad if as many people as possible on this list could give
> their opinion about the seeds[*], this way we could really call this an
> open development process...
Adi Roiban

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