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On 01/02/2008, Lionel Le Folgoc (mr_pouit) <mrpouit at> wrote:
> Jani Monoses a écrit :
> > Hi
> Hi,
> > I am awaiting for an answer to these questions, otherwise please revert
> > the seeds back to where they were in 7.10, except maybe ristretto, and
> > start changing things only after discussed.
> "Do what I say not what I do."
> Do you understand that you are blaming us for doing the same thing you
> did during gutsy development? You changed the seeds and then asked on
> the mailing list, do you remember?
> Thus you're not the right person for speaking about open development
> process.

With all due respect, but in my opinion Jani was far more open - at least he
brought it up on the mailinglist and it was appropriately discussed, whereas
if Jani wouldn't have mentioned it now then this would've happened without
any discussion whatsoever.

There are several people subscribed to this mailing list, they can all
> give their opinion about the choices we made on the seeds. If most of
> them think we should revert all these changes and put the seeds back to
> where they were in 7.10, of course we'll revert.
> But your opinion counts only for one vote, and so far, two people said
> that xubuntu gutsy was slower and heavier than the previous releases. So
> for the moment, the seeds are not going to change.
> I would be glad if as many people as possible on this list could give
> their opinion about the seeds[*], this way we could really call this an
> open development process...

OK, well, first of all, I'd really prefer gnome-mount and gnome-screensaver
over their current alternatives for the reasons I've already mentioned
(permissions issues and multi-user support, respectively).
Also, though I'm not that an expert at package management, if recommends
would have it added just as depends, but with the additional advantage of
being able to replace it with something else without uninstalling
xubuntu-desktop, then that'd also be preferred of course.
I don't know about the state of Squeeze, if it's really stable and supports
a wide range of formats then I think it could be considered, but since I
haven't tried it myself lately I can't really give an opinion on this.
xfmedia really isn't a suitable candidate, and if no other alternative is
found we should stick with Totem (-gstreamer). No need to explain that I
suppose :)
Just as Squeeze I'm unable to really test Ristretto (I'm running from a USB
flash drive atm, and space is running out...) but it looks cool enough, and
probably isn't worse than GQview.
And I'd really like gnome-games as sometimes you just feel the need to play
a quick game in between and these are perfect for that ;-). Plus, when
looking at dependencies including them doesn't really harm, does it?

Btw, regarding example-content: perhaps it would be an idea to create a
Xubuntu equivalent? There are some files in the current package that won't
even display correctly in Xubuntu (OO.o presentation).

> Lionel
> [*] You can look at the seeds directly
> (
> ,
> below the "== Xfce Desktop == " line in 'desktop' file), or the
> dependencies of the xubuntu-desktop metapackage in hardy
> (
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