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Eero Tamminen oak at
Fri Feb 1 22:18:24 UTC 2008


On Friday 01 February 2008, Jérôme Guelfucci wrote:
> One point is of course performance, why would we provide such detailed
> benchmark???

To verify that the change really helped.  Whoever takes performance
seriously & cares about it, always measures it.

My point really is that if the performance issues are below what current
Xubuntu adds to Ubuntu, maybe they should get some attention too
(testing, bugs filed, co-operation with other Ubuntu related projects
interested about performance etc).

> I don't remember anybody having done that in the Xubuntu 
> Team, and I wonder if other teams do so. But if you have some time to
> provide all those informations, please do :)

I have to admit that I don't use Xubuntu at the moment[1].

> The other point is that those applications are all part of the XFCE
> desktop "suite", and it makes more sense to follow upstream. This is
> done in every distribution, for example I know that man members of
> Ubuntu Desktop Team do not like Seahorse, but they still ship it has
> default because it has been decided so upstream (if I understood
> correctly).

That sounds good to me.  Do they get enough testing under XFCE or will
Xubuntu be doing the "beta" testing for them also?

It's not necessarily a problem, but users should be made aware that certain
parts of the system are less mature than others.  Best would be if
documentation would tell what parts are "beta" in each release.

	- Eero


For my slower machines (200 and 333Mhz, both with 96MB RAM) XFCE was
(already in Dapper) too bloated memory-wise, so I installed to them
Etch + IceWm + Epiphany + Sylpheed (Gtk2).

For my 400Mhz ARM devices, well, (X)Ubuntu wasn't an option, they run
maemo. :-)

For my better performing devices (>1Ghz, 1/2GB RAM), Xubuntu was lacking
too much functionality, so I installed there Kubuntu (it had earlier SUSE).

At work (dual-core machine with 2GB RAM) I have Debian with Gnome desktop.

I've been following the Xubuntu mailing list several years in hopes that
Xubuntu gets either light OR usable enough for some of my devices, but for
some reason it seems to be targeting mostly something like 500-1000Mhz
devices *with* over 128MB RAM (takes too much memory for less RAM,
doesn't/didn't have enough features one would want on a faster machine).

I have to admit that I haven't tested the latest Xubuntu version(s) though,
I've been waiting to see whether people first take performance
seriously. :-)

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