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Stefan Schwarzburg stefan.schwarzburg at
Fri Feb 1 20:15:56 UTC 2008

I'm not an Xubuntu developer, just an interested user (since the first
Xubuntu release).

> I would be glad if as many people as possible on this list could give
> their opinion about the seeds[*], this way we could really call this an
> open development process...

I would have said nothing, because I haven't contributed to Xubuntu yet, but
when I'm ask:

I like to have most apps optional. In all Xubuntu releases I've removed
xubuntu-desktop after the upgrade or install and changed lot's of software
to more capable ones. I do need OpenOffice, Firefox, mplayer, gqview and so
on, and I have no use for the gnome office apps,  epiphany, xfmedia,
ristretto and so on.
I did not feel any slow down in the last release.
What keeps me away from Gnome is mostly Nautilus and all these Mono apps
(f-spot, beagle, ...). They are really slow and I love to have thunar and
most core xfce stuff.
For example squeeze/file-roller: I only use a graphical tool for this if
there is a plugin to use it from within thunar. If this is possible, then I
don't care.
For example screensaver. If it works and also works with Compiz which I use
from time to time in Xubuntu: then I don't care. If not, guess what I will
do: remove xubuntu-desktop and replace the screensaver with another one.

If I could wish for something in Xubuntu, then it would be that you, the
developers, would like to work *together* and continue to produce a great
distribution (which it was in the last years, from my point of view). This
would be much more worth than the actual decision on some apps, really.

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