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Jani Monoses jani at
Fri Feb 1 17:35:25 UTC 2008


I am awaiting for an answer to these questions, otherwise please revert
the seeds back to where they were in 7.10, except maybe ristretto, and
start changing things only after discussed.

Also things that were optional - recommended in 7.10 - should stay that 
way. Many of the bits you replaced were not hard dependencies of 
xubuntu-desktop, whereas the current ones are. That is a lot more 
limiting the users options.

Another thing I do not understand is why gnome games were taken out. 
libgnome is in the image for more critical bits, so it only makes the 
default desktop poorer.


Jani Monoses wrote:
> Jérôme Guelfucci wrote:
>> Well, the changes I remind:
>> - gnome-screensaver -> xscreensaver: doesn't make much difference
> If you think it does not make much difference why change it?
> But actually it makes a difference, g-s-s is better integrated with 
> power management, multiple users and other possibly technologies that 
> are developed in GNOME and which we can get for free if not so stubborn 
> on being different from gnome.
>> - file-roller -> squeeze: squeeze is fast, light, seems to have most
>> features needed for an archive manager. It's stable, upstream answers
>> quickly to bug reports and features requests. There is a crasher In
>> Hardy (doesn't happen in Gutsy with the same version) but work is in
>> progress to fix it.
> Fast and light as oppposed to what? Do you have numbers to back that up?
> You do realize that for working with archives, most of the times the 
> factors determining resource usage are the size of the data being worked 
> on and not the app itself?
>> - gthumb/or whatever was before -> ristretto: ristretto is fast, light
>> and stable, same maintainer as squeeze and same postive feedback.
> I have not used ristretto, if it is better thab gqview I am all for it.
> If the only plus for it is that it comes from Xfce upstream then not.
>> - gnome-mount -> exo-mount: we just loose one feature, encrypted
>> partitions, but it's not really a key feature. This change makes it
>> relally easy to follow debian and upstream changes.
> So on the one hand you say you have maintainer resources to keep deltas 
> in goffice and gnumeric (see a recent upload of livecd-rootfs by Colin 
> Watson, other's time is indirectly spent because of goffice deltas) 
> which do not give us any real gain, but on the other hand for something 
> that is important as the features of gnome-mount (not only encryption 
> but integration with user permissions ) you drop them to be easy to 
> follow debian?
> I find that illogical.
>> - totem -> * : this hasn't been decided yet, maybe mplayer-gtk or keep gnome.
> it should be something that is patent free as Vincent said and friendly.
> I am glad that xfmedia is not considered but I wonder why it was put 
> into the seed in the first place.
>> I've a P2 450MHz and I can tell you I really feel the difference on
>> disk usage, memory and cpu usage ! The last annoying application is
>> Firefox 2 but Firefox 3 should be released on time and should be
>> really better.
> You feel the difference in which applications' case? Could you elaborate 
> on how do you feel the differences on the 3 resources you mentioned?
> That would be really useful data if more precise and confirmed by other 
> users too.
> Jani

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