Things that should be done early on in the Xubuntu release cycle

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> David Collins wrote:
> > concern about strategy when marketing Xubuntu.  I have been using
> > Xubuntu for about 18 months, have been subscribed to the Xubuntu-users
> > mailing list for that time, and am still finding out about great
> > features in XFCE and Xubuntu.  I think the Xubuntu community need a
> > strategy where it advertises the great features - and one way this is
> > done is by setting defaults so that the nice features are enabled - and,
> > of course, also make it easy to disable these if they are not wanted.
> I would also like to see nice list of great thinks you see using Xubuntu.
> Maybe I would add some ideas myself after reading your things you like
> about Xubuntu. That would be great resource to use when looking for
> marketing ideas.
> --

You might want to keep tabs on some Xubuntu-related blogs :) (That said,
I'll try to focus some more on nice features on my own blog)

Anyway, the problem is that if you did not notice the checkbox then you
wouldn't know why all your applications are suddenly appearing on startup.
Then, if you later do find out about the checkbox and you uncheck it, the
applications *still* keep appearing. The worst, however, is that it is known
to some times cause problems and you wouldn't know what the source of the
problems is.

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