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Cody A.W. Somerville cody-somerville at
Tue Aug 12 12:09:20 UTC 2008

Hey Developers,

 I was going through the seeds again together and there are few I'm not sure
we need anymore/not sure why they are there.

   1. gnome-mount in desktop: Thunar used to be patched to use gnome-mount
   but Lionel dropped that patch in 0.9.0-1ubuntu1 for Hardy (so removing for
   now). Have there been any regressions or are we good to drop gnome-mount
   from the seeds too? From the changelog when Jani added that patch:

        use gnome-mount instead of exo-mount to take advantage of its better
        support for NTFS, encrypted storage and non-privileged mount
of non-removable
        partitions. Show the latter in the Thunar left-pane.

   2. libgnome2-perl: Could someone enlighten me? :-) (so removing for now).
   3. I think we need to look at our multimedia stack again. Although our
   movie player can play music, I think we need a music player. I've added
   audacious for the mean time.
   4. I think we need to reconsider ristretto - there are serious memory
   issues and isn't very stable where other image viewers are available that
   are light-weight and even more featured. I've put in gpicview for now.


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