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> >> Here the point is: everything has a certain logic, regardless of the
> >> circumstances. If you build a house, you cannot start with the roof,
> >> but with the foundations, walls and so forth. If someone insists of
> >> building the roof first, you know that this person has never built a
> >> house before. But this can be rectified by explaining to him that the
> >> right way building the house is by starting with the foundation. If
> >> insists, you wont waiste your time on the project. This is the case
> >> with graphic artists, they come, look around, register what's going on
> >> make a few sensible recommendations and when see that nothing happens
> >> they leave. I think many would stay if they could meaningfully
> >> contribute to the project.
> >
> > OK, in general, I think we agree with you. However, what is your proposed
> > solution? Who should do what? Who is currently doing what wrong? We don't
> > just need a description of the problem, but also a proposed solution to
> make
> > progress. I can't think of any.
> >
> Ok, here is the plan.
> The most important thing would be to fix the usplash; if nobody on
> this list can help with this, I will write to the maintainer, maybe he
> can give me some clues about the solution.
> Next decide on the icon theme. This we can do it right now.

> The next thing would be deciding on the gtk theme. I recommend using a
> flat design. To make things as smooth as possible, I recommend Unity.
> This is a good compromise. It is already packaged and is in the Ubuntu
> repository. Cimi is also working on brand new murrina engine and
> themes, but it is not sure that will be ready for October. He said
> that he will release them in September, but this is just a tentative
> schedule. If the new murrina will come out we will replace unity with
> murrina because they look topnotch. If not we are going to stick with
> unity.  Jim is also working on something. Lets see what he will come
> up with.

I'd say use Unity, even if the new Murrine arrives before October, then
perhaps ship it for 9.04 when it's well-tested.

> We can theme the panel only after deciding on the gtk theme because it
> should reflect its color scheme. But we  can fine-tune the icon theme
> by improving the icons appearance on the panel and removing label
> backgrounds right away.
> I've already published a version of the gdm but that is not the final
> version. I've already created an improved version with text color
> fixes of the login box; I also modified a bit the logo and the
> background that will be the same as the wallpaper. Because nobody
> reported any bugs (other than the text color) I assume that it works
> ok.
> And lastly, the wallpaper, which can wait until the more important
> fixes will be implemented.
> This is the code used to fix the icon appearance on the panel and
> clean up the labels. We can fine-tune the text color later. And we can
> add color to the panel when the gtk theme will be decided upon.
> #label transparency
> style "xfdesktop-icon-view" {
> XfdesktopIconView::label-alpha = 0
> base[NORMAL] = "#00ff00"
> base[SELECTED] = "#5050ff"
> base[ACTIVE] = "#0000ff"
> fg[NORMAL] = "#ffffff"
> fg[SELECTED] = "#ff0000"
> fg[ACTIVE] = "#ff0000"
> }
> widget_class "*XfdesktopIconView*" style "xfdesktop-icon-view"
> #panel icon improvement
> style "panel"
> {
> xthickness = 0
> ythickness = 0
> }
> widget_class "*Panel*"      style "panel"
> widget "*Panel*"            style "panel"
> class "*Panel*"             style "panel"

OK, so how about this: one person picks a GTK theme, an icon theme and
whatnot. Once those are selected (such as Unity as the GTK theme), report a
bug on xubuntu-default-settings requesting it to be set. That way, it ends
up on the todo-list instead of being lost in the mailinglist archives.
Anything else you need done but can't do yourself: also report them. I'd say
Launchpad is the best place for this. What do you think?

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