[Bug 209468] Re: unsure of nature xubuntu ISSUE

Sun Apr 13 23:36:10 UTC 2008

 this is the command line binary string that is reference to in the bug gen-report as 5951

 67 69 73 74 65 72 36 34 5F 74 68 72 65 61 64 5F 61 gister64_thread_a

this is what i can gather from the log

# 0  kernel system call - enter stack -leaving user mode and entering
kernel process

# 1  waitpid call is inconclusive as to the function error such as

 The  waitpid  function  suspends  execution of the current
       process until a child as specified by the pid argument has
       exited,  or until a signal is delivered whose action is to
       terminate the current process or to call a signal handling
       function.   If  a  child  as  requested by pid has already
       exited by the time of the call (a so-called "zombie"  pro-
       cess),  the  function  returns  immediately.   Any  system
       resources used by the child are freed.

       The value of pid can be one of:

       < -1   which means to wait for  any  child  process  whose
              process group ID is equal to the absolute value of

       -1     which  means  to  wait  for any child process whose
              process group ID is equal to the absolute value  of

       -1     which  means to wait for any child process; this is
              the same behaviour which wait exhibits.

       0      which means to wait for  any  child  process  whose
              process  group  ID  is equal to that of the calling

       > 0    which means to wait for the child whose process  ID
              is equal to the value of pid.

       The value of options is an exclusive OR of zero or more of
       the following constants:

  as well

0xb72876cb is not found in the binary source using bless

# 3  Here is a minimal example program. It uses the alarm() function to
limit the time spent waiting to open a file; this is useful if the file
is for a serial device that may not be turned on, which would normally
cause the os.open() to hang indefinitely. The solution is to set a
5-second alarm before opening the file; if the operation takes too long,
the alarm signal will be sent, and the handler raises an exception.

import signal, os

def handler(signum, frame):
    print 'Signal handler called with signal', signum
    raise IOError, "Couldn't open device!"

# Set the signal handler and a 5-second alarm
signal.signal(signal.SIGALRM, handler)

# This open() may hang indefinitely
fd = os.open('/dev/ttyS0', os.O_RDWR)  

signal.alarm(0)          # Disable the alarm

           im really unsure if its system related because of the cpu
interface or if its more toward these lines

It means that GDB thinks that a signal handler has been invoked, and
that the frames above it are in the signal handler context.  If that's
incorrect, you've found a bug in GDB.

this may all be a waste of space as i am a noob and ever yet unlearned at this code but thats all i have time to do today

peace  =]

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unsure of nature xubuntu ISSUE
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