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Tue Apr 1 20:26:11 UTC 2008

Hi All,

On 3/30/08, Jelle de Jong <jelledejong at> wrote:
> We can use different upstream artwork every release. As long as the
> packaging process is done good and makes backward compatibility possible.
> We could spent more efforts on creating better artwork in the form of
> consistent tango style icons for all applications, combined with valid
> .desktop files and svg and png based artwork. Also some HIG improvements
> in the naming of applications will be a good proses.
> Or is this not a thing we want to focus on?
> Kind regards,
> Jelle

In regards to the slim login manager (in place of GDM), you'd want to check
with Cody or other developer folks about that.

As for artwork, Jmak has been doing the Xubuntu artwork pretty much on his
own for the past few releases.  We did get a number of different
contributors for the Edgy release, but additional contributors have kind of
tailed off since then.

If you'd like to contribute to the Xubuntu artwork, we're reorganizing
things on the wiki [1] to make "how to contribute" more clear, so you're
welcome to do so (or find a friend or someone else to do so).  I think that
Jmak has done a good job, though, and he always backs up his designs with
discussions of color/design theory.  He understands what he talks about.

The wiki reorganization isn't done yet, but I have some ideas to help
generate more ideas for artwork . . .  I'm basically thinking of how we can
identify some artwork concepts or themes that we'd like to see in Xubuntu
artwork.  What visual feel should Xubuntu have overall – independent of
release?  And then what does each release name conjure up for us (e.g.,
Feisty, Gutsy, Hardy, Intrepid . . . ), and what can we do / can't we do to
translate those concepts into relevant design elements?

Please note:  I'm not trying to start a thread about those topics on the
mailing list.  I'm trying to create a place for those kinds of discussions
on the wiki.

Those are just my thoughts, but I think something like this might help
provide direction to our designs . . .  Please feel free to share your
feedback.  Thanks,


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