Search in Gutsy?

Jari Rahkonen jari.rahkonen at
Sat Sep 29 16:08:49 UTC 2007

Vincent wrote:
> Anyway, I had one question though: will Xubuntu Gutsy have a search
> application? In the Save/Open File Dialog, I already have the option to
> search for certain files and it just works. I believe this could use either
> Tracker or Beagle, so I suppose one of their respective daemons is already
> installed. Are there any plans to also include a normal front-end?

Are you sure it doesn't use (s)locate? Anyway, you know you have several
ways to easily check if Tracker or Beagle is running and/or installed. I
do remember this being discussed on this list more than once, and AFAIK
there was no decision to include either (any?) of the proposed search

In any case I'm quite sure Beagle is not and will not be in the default
installation due to the mono dependency.

- Jari

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