Search in Gutsy?

Vincent imnotb at
Sat Sep 29 10:33:01 UTC 2007


After my embarrassing adventure with Sabayon (yes, I do feel really stupid)
I did manage to (get my father to) burn the Xubuntu Gutsy Beta onto a CD.

First of all: it's looking extremely good. I'm already preparing a review,
making an outline of the new features, but the outline alone is already
extremely long.

Anyway, I had one question though: will Xubuntu Gutsy have a search
application? In the Save/Open File Dialog, I already have the option to
search for certain files and it just works. I believe this could use either
Tracker or Beagle, so I suppose one of their respective daemons is already
installed. Are there any plans to also include a normal front-end?


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