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Eero Tamminen oak at helsinkinet.fi
Fri Sep 28 18:35:55 UTC 2007


On Friday 28 September 2007, vaibhav khatavkar wrote:
>        We intended to developed a Live CD which will be targeting
> towards computer science student developers.
> CS Ubuntu . ( Computer Science ) .
>    1.  In Pune,India we have about 15000 students who are programmers.
> In India 2-3 Lacks .
>    2. We have Ubuntu as the solution but it does not provide all
> development packages that he needs in one single setup.
>    3. Many of them have fear in mind regarding "Linux" due to
> partition table management . So they are not going to install Ubuntu
> after first introduction.
>    4. Having Live CD equipped with development environment will be
> pretty useful to them ..
>    5. Also we want XFCE Desktop because in India most of ppl have
> 128MB to 256MB of RAM .

I think 128MB is too little for real use.  You can start the Desktop but any
real work will have the machine swapping a lot because unlike harddisk
installation, live-CD needs to cache things in RAM (the CD is compressed).
I'm assuming a normal www-developer would have Firefox, www-editor, chat
and some programming IDE open all the time, and those take quite a bit
of RAM too.

Hm.  Installing the Live-CD on harddisk will have two "carrots":
- More applications (games etc)
- More performance
I'm not sure which one would "sell" better... ._)

> What we intend to give with live cd  :
>     *       LAMP stack
>     *       c/c++ IDE

Anjuta?  Including gtranslator, devhelp, and especially valgrind?
(Kdevelop would bring in KDE)

>     *        ddd
>     *        java IDE

People are not going to be happy (trying) running Eclipse
on low spec machines, especially from live-CD...
(Are there smaller Java environments than Eclipse?)

>     *        perl, python , ruby on rail
>     *        umbrello

On Gtk based system like Xubuntu, Dia would make more sense
and consume much less resources.

>     *         bluefish,nvu , quanta+

I think especially on live-CD for low spec machine you would
try to keep to programs from one desktop environment...

> We don't need office suit and other language stuff .

I would still suggest having AbiWord for reading Word docs you get from
elsewhere (and it's otherwise quite nice too) and especially Gnumeric as
spreadsheet is pretty useful for processing data.   Your list seems to be 
concentrating on web-stuff, Gnumeric can import and export HTML and
sometimes it's nicer for viewing/editing your (exported) database stuff.

(and of course plain Gtk versions of all those)

	- Eero

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