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Thanks for the quick response.  See nested responses below:

Jani Monoses wrote:

> Yes, thunar is started by startxfce4 and the volume manager is launched 
> by thunar automatically when needed.
> It is set to do so in /etc/xdg/Thunar/thunarrc

Since we are forcing our XDG directory to /etc/xdg/mythbuntu/, we'll
probably need an /etc/xdg/mythbuntu/Thunar/thunarrc i'm guessing right?

> This should be working, /etc/xdg/xfce4/xinitrc tries g-s-s then x-s-s if 
> the former is not available. If you have the latest xfce4-utils and 
> g-s-s is not started it is a bug that needs to be looked at.
Again since we have an /etc/xdg/mythbuntu, which xinitrc really gets used?

>> == Network Manager ==
>> We wanted to use network-manager-gnome for providing wireless
>> functionality to those that wanted it.  We added it to
>> /etc/xdg/mythbuntu/autostart (The XDG directory that we are starting
>> things with is /etc/xdg/mythbuntu).  This works out as expected, but if
>> the user has an option to save the session checked, more of these
>> processes are started every time around.  Any way to avoid that?
> We'll add nm to default xubuntu, automatic start in Xfce needs this 
> patch uploaded, hopefully the maintainer is on it.
> I was holding off including it by default blocked on another patch that 
> gets rid of gnome deps in nm, but since it takes too long to be reviewed 
> we might just add it the next couple of days.

Great, glad to hear it will be showing up in xubuntu.  What about
xubuntu-system-tools though?  It looks like it was in the archive but is
now gone.  It provided network-admin i thought for "Manual
configuration" of Xfce.

> Are you using gdm and a desktop file in /usr/share/xsessions?
> If so, I think a wrapper around startxfce4 as you have it here is the 
> way to go.

Yeah we are.  Any other items that should go into the wrapper script
and/or be changed you think?

> Again, I am glad you picked Xfce and hopefully we'll get a better 
> maintained desktop now a new bunch of devs have joined the party :)

Yeah, i'm glad too.  I hadn't realized how great Xfce was until we
started to migrate over :)

> BTW which Xubuntu apps have you dropped and what Ubuntu or other 
> universe apps are you using?

Our seeds are very different than most standard desktop seeds, since we
focus around a PVR box.  At this point the xfce dependencies that are in
the seed are

XFCE Based Stuff
 * thunar
 * (xfce4-icon-theme)
 * xfce4-mcs-manager
 * xfce4-mcs-plugins
 * xfce4-panel
 * xfce4-session
 * xfce4-utils
 * xfdesktop4
 * xfwm4
 * (xfwm4-themes)
 * xfce4-mixer
 * xfce4-terminal

One more question.  Update-notifier, should it be coming up from that
xinitrc as well?

Thanks again,

Mario Limonciello
superm1 at

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