Usplash offcentered ????

Vincent imnotb at
Sun Oct 14 19:44:05 UTC 2007

On 14/10/2007, Mario Limonciello <superm1 at> wrote:
> Vincent wrote:
> > Really? That'd be extremely unfortunate. I know one person who only
> > speaks Dutch and is too old to be able to learn English, who would have
> > a lot of trouble installing Ubuntu without the Dutch language packs...
> Well I should clarify that.  Ubiquity is translated on disk.  It's post
> install
> language packs that aren't on disk.

Oh, OK, so that means that people without internet connection can't use
Ubuntu in a localized version... Still bad, but less bad than I thought. I
wonder whether there wasn't anything less important they could've done away

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