Announcement: Xubuntu-team meeting December 5th, 2007, 2030 UTC

Cody A.W. Somerville cody-somerville at
Wed Nov 28 09:48:04 UTC 2007

Hello Xubuntu Team Members,

CC: Fridge

 I'd like to announce an Xubuntu Team meeting on December 5th,  2007, 2030
UTC - the first Xubuntu team meeting for the Hardy release cycle. The
current agenda, along with other meeting information, can be found at:

Agenda at time of e-mail:



      Should we use upstream SVN (xfce4) for new features for Hardy?

      Re-evaluate gnome policy (Should we let more gnome apps in?)

      How can we ensure a solid LTS?

      Forwarding bugs upstream. Should we comment on existing upstream
      bug reports or just link on launchpad?

      Automated testing framework (

      ISO-Testing Team Leader (


      How can we get more people involved in Xubuntu from MOTU? (See
      if Jono can come)

      Can we develop an infrastructure to assist us? (ie. Bot to
      report bugs or livefs run failures in x-devel, etc.)

   Xubuntu documentation road map; discussion and approve. (

   Xubuntu Marketing:

      Who can look after Marketing for Hardy?

   Xubuntu Artwork:

      Should more people get involved with Artwork?

      Discuss current *perspective' art plans for Hardy *

Lets all put our thinking caps on until then and come prepared with all
kinds of good ideas and feedback! Feel free to update the agenda and be sure
to check it regularly for other's updates.


Cody A.W. Somerville
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