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Fri Nov 9 00:40:16 UTC 2007

Thu, Nov 08, 2007 at 06:34:05PM +0100: 

This is a little complicated.

First of all, the Tango icons (it's not a name of any particular icon set,
but a standard, by the way) come in these sizes (taken from

* 16×16 (these are used in menus)
* 22×22
* 24×24 (these are generated from the 22×22 ones)
* 32×32 (these are optional, not always available)
* 48×48
* scalable

I think we should aim to use the 22×22 ones in the panels, but it's not
that simple. The panel itself will add a border -- I think its size
depends on the actual gtk theme being used.

Then various panel plugins will add further margins and borders, depending
on how the widgets are packed in the actual plugin, and also how the
particular plugin handles the icon and text sizes.

In particular, the clock plugins will not shrink below the default system
font size, effectively making the panel size stay while (some of) the
icons shrink.

The 'quit/lock' plugin is a constant offender considering the panel size.

The launcher, pager, systray, system and netwok monitor and clipman
plugins seem to behave pretty well.

Obviously the sane solution would be to patch the plugins to allow
resizing of the panel no matter what icons and what system font size is
used. Is it possible?

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