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Tue May 8 15:13:12 UTC 2007

On 08/05/07, Ronnie Whisler <mrwislr at> wrote:
> I have found a couple of applications that should be in Xubuntu in my
> opinion
> 1st. CatFish - for lightweight file search utility

Just installed it, quite cool, but it won't use Tracker as a back-end even
though the site says it should and I have Tracker installed.

2nd. gmusicbrowser - for lightweight music player

Quite difficult to comprehend.

Though I did not find Exaile difficult to use, but I suppose it can be
difficult if you just want to play single files.

3rd. get rid of gxine and go with mplayer with optimal settings
> (gmusicbrowser can use mplayer as its backend) also only player that
> plays apples movie trailers.

Discussed a lot already, see Adam's mail.

4. grip - for lightweight cd player & ripper

Don't know it, but if it really has that many Gnome dependencies then I
suppose it's not an option.

5. hacburn - for lightweight cd burning (since xfburn doesnt work for
> most things)

Don't know it either.

6. claw-mail - for lightweight email client (with a couple plugins and
> the tango theme installed)

See Adam's email.

these are just some
> i know i can think of more but i'm tired
> think them over test them whatever
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Jani, you're right, I should be contributing more. I can't do it on a
regular basis, but what could I do if I'd learn how to package things? I
still want to learn that someday.

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