Feisty has already taken the cake in my world...

Adam Miller maxamillion at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 03:16:31 UTC 2007

I am proud to say I finally made the time for an upgrade to feisty (only on
my work machine for now) and just wanted to report that after getting
everything upgraded from edgy and resolving dependencies (from non official
repository installed apps that aptitude didn't like because i deleted the
repository they came from) I can honestly say that Feisty covered my only
complaint from both the Dapper and Edgy install: The usplash works on
AMD64.... I know its a small complaint but I just felt it would be confusing
for some users to go from a grub menu to a blank screen and was very glad it
was fixed in Feisty.

One thing I found to be strange was that once I performed the upgrade I went
from the standard theme for Edgy (Clearlooks) to what the theme manager
still claimed to be clearlooks but ended up looking like this:
http://swooh.kicks-ass.org/~adam/feistyB1_wtf.png (note: I changed the panel
layout, my only concern is the gtk theme) ... it also took away Tango as the
default icon theme, though it is a minor issue and I actually customized it
to something i ended up really liking, i can see this as being a potential
issue with some users. I didn't really find it to be worthy of a bug report
because I assume it might have had something to do with the way i did the
upgrade (I edited my sources.list to point to feisty and did an aptitude
dist-upgrade) or possibly just a setting somewhere in a meta package that i
didn't allow to update because i told aptitude to keep the one i have. ....
but in the end, just wanted to mention it and be sure to say how impressed I
am with how wonderful Feisty is as a whole and how sorry I am that I wasn't
able to be more involved during this devel cycle.

So kudos to all developers involved, special thanks to Jani for leading the
project as well as special thanks to Jim for leading the testing (I plan to
help you as much as possible in the final crunch time now that I have a
Feisty install).

.... sorry if this email seems mildly pointless, I know it doesn't pertain
to substantial business but I am just really excited about Feisty (as well
as Feisty+1) and wanted to touch base on the current state of things

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