upload of xubuntu-docs

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 14:51:41 UTC 2007


> hi all,
> does one of the devs have time to package and upload xubuntu-docs? It
> is important to do it early, so we can sort out the build process
> ahead of time. i expect that some changes to the debian files are
> required, since those have not been touched since dapper. I don't know
> a whole lot about it, but I'll be happy to commit the necessary
> changes to the doc-teams SVN repo, if required.

I am in the process of testing the newly built package of xubuntu-docs.
Nice work, all contributors! There are some changes that would be good
to get in if it'snot too late. I know string freeze has passed. One issue
is the it still says there's no graphical configuration for adding keyboard layouts.
There is a new tab in the keyboard settings app added by Gauvain, but maybe
he has been too quiet about it and it got unnoticed :)

The other is it still mentions setting up CUPS via the web interface ot gnome-cups-manager.
I guess that's ok if system-config-printer is not reliable enough, even thoug it has imporved
considerably since edgy. A new feature which will go in in the next few days is support for
a notification icon for prin jobs so it will be very similar to gnome-cups-manager.

The easy add/remove program (gnome-app-install) is not mentioned as an alternative AFAICS,
again not too bad, people can discover it :)

Again thanks for all contributors, and sorry for not being more responsive with packaging it.
And please provide feedback about the package when it gets in the archive, I hope I included
all that is needed from svn.


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