getting useful backtraces via -dbgsym packages

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Thu Mar 22 20:32:14 UTC 2007

Jim Campbell wrote:
> Jani,
> The xfce4-panel didn't start in my live session of the most recent 
> (2007/03/22) i386 live cd.  Unfortunately, my i386 box isn't networked 
> right now, so I can't do much to get you the backtrace.

This used to happen in edgy as well with only 128M of RAM, is that your case by any chance?

> Is there a bug (or set of bugs) that you're following for this, or the 
> other recent xfce-related crashes? 
I am not sure, there was a surge in crasher bug reports in the past week, which I hope is
helped by the latest upload of libxfce4util two days ago. People reporting crashes today
can still be a few days behind latest so it will take a while to know whether that package really fixes
many of the fce4-session and xfdekstop4 crashers
> As a note, xfce4-panel worked properly on the actual installed system 
> after I completed the install - just didn't appear in the live session.  

It would make sense if it's because of limited memory, even though it's a shame to have regressed from dapper
in that regard :( . The trash plugin and system-tools-backends are two apps which I think are there and were not
before. I'll wait to see if you indeed have 128M before going too deep into this.


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