getting useful backtraces via -dbgsym packages

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Thu Mar 22 14:35:07 UTC 2007


The xfce4-panel didn't start in my live session of the most recent
(2007/03/22) i386 live cd.  Unfortunately, my i386 box isn't networked right
now, so I can't do much to get you the backtrace.

Is there a bug (or set of bugs) that you're following for this, or the other
recent xfce-related crashes?

As a note, xfce4-panel worked properly on the actual installed system after
I completed the install - just didn't appear in the live session.  Thanks,


On 3/19/07, Jani Monoses <jani.monoses at> wrote:
> Hello,
> in the past weeks the number of automatic reports of crashes in xfdesktop4
> , xfce4-session and
> xfce4-panel have increased considerably. To have a better chance at
> debugging them we need more
> useful backtraces than the ones currently generated by apport from the
> stripped binaries.
> So if any of you are among the reporters of those crashes you could
> install the corresponding
> -dbgsym packages.
> Add the line
> deb feisty main universe
> to your apt sources and update, then you can install xfdesktop4-dbgsym and
> other similarly named packages.
> When a crash occurs the backtrace will hopefully include a lot more
> information.
> See this for more info
> Jani
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