jmak jozmak at gmail.com
Sun Mar 18 00:10:41 UTC 2007

Hi all,

I looked at the available icon sets from all possible direction but
all have some problem. One is incomplete, the other has performance
problem, yet the other has licence restriction and so on. By all means
the tango and the gnome icon sets are the most complate among all the
available sets. As a way out of the predicament I modified the blue
tango set to make it more modern looking. Take a look at them here:


I also modified the aluminium one in the same style as an option.
In my view the modified blue icon would be much better the the
original. Let me know what you think because not all folder icons are
done yet. If you think that would be a good choice then  I still need
a bit of time to finish the rest of the folders.
Or we still have as an option the tangerine but in my view it is too orange.



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