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On 13/03/07, Jani Monoses <jani.monoses at> wrote:
> Hi Jim,
> >
> > Those are the positives of showing how Xubuntu is being used . . . Does
> > anyone have any concerns?  Would we limit our "notes" to only non-profit
> > or community-based groups using Xubuntu?  What if a business was using
> > Xubuntu, would we - by extension - be endorsing that business if we put
> > their info up on the website?  Does it matter if we're "endorsing" them
> > in this way?
> well both tuxlabs and linode that I mentioned are building a business
> partly on
> xubuntu.Endorsing businesses in not just gratuitous advertising :) It can
> encourage
> other businesses in different parts of the world to evaluate the software.
> It is
> advertising Xubuntu in fact.
> That's a good thing since it shows free software as an alternative not
> only for
> hobbyists and geeks but for consumers. Just as Canonical advertises the
> various
> high profile Ubuntu related deals with commercial entities, I think that's
> fine
> to do on the Xubuntu page as well. Kubuntu also has a list of derived
> distros on
> their page. So the various uses could be categorized on the website as for
> example
> hw being sold with xubuntu (or derivative) preinstalled, large
> deployments,
> derivative distros etc.
> Jani

I think it's a good idea, but do you mean adding news concering Xubuntu
derivatives to the news section or adding a separate page which just links
to derivatives? Much like but then for
Xubuntu derivatives.

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