projects using xubuntu

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Tue Mar 13 06:09:02 UTC 2007

Hi Jim,
> Those are the positives of showing how Xubuntu is being used . . . Does 
> anyone have any concerns?  Would we limit our "notes" to only non-profit 
> or community-based groups using Xubuntu?  What if a business was using 
> Xubuntu, would we - by extension - be endorsing that business if we put 
> their info up on the website?  Does it matter if we're "endorsing" them 
> in this way?

well both tuxlabs and linode that I mentioned are building a business partly on
xubuntu.Endorsing businesses in not just gratuitous advertising :) It can encourage
other businesses in different parts of the world to evaluate the software. It is
advertising Xubuntu in fact.
That's a good thing since it shows free software as an alternative not only for
hobbyists and geeks but for consumers. Just as Canonical advertises the various
high profile Ubuntu related deals with commercial entities, I think that's fine
to do on the Xubuntu page as well. Kubuntu also has a list of derived distros on
their page. So the various uses could be categorized on the website as for example
hw being sold with xubuntu (or derivative) preinstalled, large deployments,
derivative distros etc.


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