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> Cody thanks for that bit of info, however my main question was do I
> /need/ to have a sip server to run a sip app like ekiga? Or does that
> app or other sip apps house their own servers and you use them?
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> Hi Terry,
>  Please check out the Ubuntu Server team mailing list (ubuntu-server)
> irc chat room for help (#ubuntu-server on
> <>) on setting up a SIP server.
> Thanks,
> Cody A.W. Somerville
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> I know this is probably not the right list to make mention of this,
> however I wanted some input.  If you are using an SIP app (ekiga) you
> have to have a SIP server in place correct?  I have never messed with
> sip as of yet, and want to set something in motion for my
> team.  Since I am at my windows slave job today, I am blocked to view
> any research material concerning this during the day.  Since I am
> wanting to try and figure this out before I head home, so once I get
> there I can just implement proper actions without having to research
> then.
> Any advice, directions, or advice is welcomed.
> Thank You
> Terry Davis

Dear Terry,

You need a sip account only to use ekiga, This account logs into a
remote server (not your server) to connect. This sip account you can buy
at ekiga or other sip selling parties like voipbuster or a dsl adsl
provider etcetera.

You fill in this siop account info in the ekiga settings or other sip
protocol capable software or hardware.

Sometimes you have to set-up nat settings of your network, this is kind
of the downside of the sip protocol.

BTW, I will not answer any of your emails again if you use HTML mails
for normal text messages.

Best regards,


Thanks for that info, since I am in a windows enviro here at the day
job, I wasn't able to research that. I do thank you for that
information.  Just for the sake of keeping the piece I have replied to
this email in text only, not the outlook standard default of html.

Thank You

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