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Mon Jul 9 20:18:54 UTC 2007

Hexzenn wrote:
> It's times like this when I wish I knew how to program. Graveman would 
> be a great place to start for an improved Xubuntu (and Xfce in 
> general) optical disc utility. Unfortunately it's no longer maintained 
> (no updates or news in a year, so safe assumption).
> It's confusing why Xfburn seems so neglected.
> On 7/9/07, *Adam Miller* <maxamillion at 
> <mailto:maxamillion at>> wrote:
>     Yes, wodim is in main and technically graveman is a front end to
>     wodim (though graveman is not currently in main) but isn't very
>     natively ported to wodim and therefore throws false error messages
>     because it is "unable to communicate with cdrecord" (which is
>     technically true because wodim replaced cdrecord, but its still
>     annoying) and i don't really know how much it would take to:
>     1) get graveman native to wodim
>     2) get graveman into main
>     I'm not entirely sure starting our own frontend for wodim is
>     necessarily a bad idea, but at the same time i don't know if it
>     would be necessary because its very possible we could direct our
>     efforts to either maintaining/patching another package/application
>     and getting it promoted to main.
>     -Adam
I really like Linux, but I don't understand why there isn't more 
cooperation while developing applications. There are almost a zillion 
CD/DVD burners for *nix out there and almost none of them are actively 

If the developers who created those -mostly half functional- 
applications worked together on one killer burner, the chances of it 
becoming unmaintained are way smaller and the quality of the 
applications would also be of a higher standard...

The wait is for someone to fork my -until recently- favorite burner: 
Graveman (maybe even rename it to Xfburn-ng ('ng' as in 'new 
generation') or something)


PS: Top posting makes this thread really hard to read... Please 
bottom-post and cut away unnecessary replies...
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