Squeeze Archive Manager in Gutsy?

Hexzenn hexzenn at gmail.com
Sun Jul 8 11:31:10 UTC 2007

Squeeze can't handle passworded archives right now, can it?

On 7/5/07, i80and <i80and at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've been using Xubuntu off and on since Dapper, and it was what first
> made me a fan of Xfce.  I have to say that the Xubuntu and Xfce teams
> have done excellent work.
> However, one area that I'm dissatisfied with in Xubuntu is the archive
> manager.  XArchiver has frequently been buggy for me in Feisty, and
> often makes me resort to the command line to extract files.  This
> might be an issue only I have, but I think its interface is also
> somewhat primitive in some ways.  I think it would be really nice to
> have Xubuntu Gutsy use Squeeze (http://squeeze.xfce.org/) instead.
> It's still alpha, but my in my--rather limited--experience with it,
> it's much more stable and elegant.
> I know a package would have to be created and put into the main repos.
> I don't think I could do that.  But it would be a nice enhancement to
> have (if someone else thinks it's worth the time to do it).
> Sorry to suggest something without being able to really assist with it.
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