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jmak kirjoitti:
> On 1/19/07, Jari Rahkonen <jari.rahkonen at pp1.inet.fi> wrote:
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>> Are you sure your current icon theme doesn't override the icons
>> installed by the packages? Tango, for example, provides symlinked
>> substitute icons for most of these, including the orage/xfcalendar icon
>> you mentioned, xfcalendar.(png|svg). Look in the 48x48/apps and
>> scalable/apps directories of your current theme and it's fallbacks to
>> see if they provide these icons.
>> If all you want is to see your new icons in action after you've placed
>> them in hicolor, you can simply switch to the "rodent" icon theme
>> provided by Xfce (it should be available, at least if you're running
>> Xubuntu Edgy, don't know about Feisty) or hicolor so the default icons
>> will be picked up. And I tested, no need to restart xfce-mcs-manager,
>> just change the icon theme.
> Jari,
> The icon locations are very inconsistent. The orage icon, for instance
> in the tango scalable folder. But I am unable to find the printer
> icon, which is a rodent style icon, completely outdated and
> stylistically speaking doesn't fit in with the the rest of the icons.
> That one we have to replace because it stick out so badly that hurts.
> I modified the tango printer icon to go with the other icons, now we
> just have to find where the original icon that we have to replace.
> There is one in the rodent directory, I replaced that icon thinking
> that this was the one the setting manager points to but nothing
> happened. After I went through all the directories searching for the
> original printer and the panel icons, but no luck. If anyone could
> help me to locate the source icons it would be great.
> I had a bit of success identifying the Panel manager icon and I
> already modified that one. Look at the attachments. This is the kind
> of panel icon I want in the setting manager as well.
> The other attachment goes in a separate mail because it keep bouncing.
> Jmak

Hi Jozsef,

If you re-read my last mail (quoted at the top of this mail), you'll see
why the settings manager picks up icons from different themes. You're
using a theme that has identically named icons that override the
defaults in hicolor/rodent. Which is to be expected. What good are
different icon themes if they don't change your icons, right? :)

You should probably just wait until a default icon theme is picked for
Xubuntu Feisty and provide your icons there. Take note that some of the
packages in Xfce 4.4.0 (which I gather will be released tomorrow) like
xfprint have changed their config plugin icon names (xfprint.svg ->
printer.svg) to ensure theme compatibility and none of them install
icons in rodent any more. So, as I said, it might be better to put off
fiddling with the icons until a default theme is picked and you're ready
to install Feisty for testing.

- - Jari

PS: If you want to see what a package installs into /usr/share/icons,
you could for example check the Installed Files tab of a package
properties dialog in Synaptic or alternatively run the command

$ dpkg-query -L [package] | grep icons

If you need to find the package that installs a specific icon, run

$ dpkg-query -S [icon file path]
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