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jmak kirjoitti:
> On 1/19/07, Jari Rahkonen <jari.rahkonen at pp1.inet.fi> wrote:
>> jmak kirjoitti:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I'am giving a face-lift to some of the icons including the ones in the
>>> setting manager because I think they are outdated. I already have
>>> created some icons but I am not able figure out what file should I
>>> modify to make the new icon show in the setting manager dialog box. I
>>> changed the icon path in some of the applications files in the
>>> Application folder but that didn;t change the icons in the setting
>>> manager. It changes them in the menu list but this is not what I want.
>>> Could anyone help me out here?
>>> Jmak
>> Hi,
>> AFAIK the settings manager plugins have the icon filenames hard coded in
>> the source. The icons themselves are installed into the hicolor icon
>> theme by the packages that provide these plugins. For example, the
>> package xfce-mcs-plugins (or xfce4-mcs-plugins) installs the following
>> icons into /usr/share/icons/hicolor/(scalable|48x48)/apps:
>> xfce-filemanager.(svg|png)
>> xfce4-display.(svg|png)
>> xfce4-keyboard.(svg|png)
>> xfce4-mouse.(svg|png)
>> xfce4-ui.(svg|png)
>> Note that you might need to restart the xfce-mcs-manager process (or
>> simply log out and back in) to see the changes in the settings manager
>> UI after modifying these files. You might also want to offer your
>> new-and-improved icons to be included upstream before substituting them
>> locally in the Xubuntu packages. The xfce4-dev list [1] would probably
>> be the right place for this.
> Thanks Jari,
> I looked at those directories already but those icons are not the same
> as the ones in the setting manager. I also looked at the
> /usr/share/icons/hicolor/48x48/apps directory. In this, some of the
> icons are the same as in the setting manager but some different (for
> instance the xfce4-display). Just to try what happens, I replaced the
> calendar icon in this directory with my own but the setting manager
> still shows the old icon.
> Jmak

Hi again,

Are you sure your current icon theme doesn't override the icons
installed by the packages? Tango, for example, provides symlinked
substitute icons for most of these, including the orage/xfcalendar icon
you mentioned, xfcalendar.(png|svg). Look in the 48x48/apps and
scalable/apps directories of your current theme and it's fallbacks to
see if they provide these icons.

If all you want is to see your new icons in action after you've placed
them in hicolor, you can simply switch to the "rodent" icon theme
provided by Xfce (it should be available, at least if you're running
Xubuntu Edgy, don't know about Feisty) or hicolor so the default icons
will be picked up. And I tested, no need to restart xfce-mcs-manager,
just change the icon theme.

- - Jari
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