System Tools tell me "The configuration could not be loaded..."

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Tue Jan 9 11:47:02 UTC 2007

Jani Monoses wrote:
> Stefan Schwarzburg wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have edgy-proposed and edgy-updates in my source.list file. Yes.
> then probably the changes in edgy-proposed to system-tools-backends 
> broke xubuntu-system-tools as the corresponding change to the latter is 
> not uploaded there. You could revert to the system-tools-backends found 
> in edgy-updates, but the best way is for us to upload an updated 
> xubuntu-system-tools mirroring what changes went into gnome-system-tools.

The corresponding LP bug is
and the package has not been moved to updates yet (thus not causing more 
widespread breakage for xubuntu users) since it has not yet been tested 
thoroughly. Apparently it affects more gnome apps that call the system 
tools. For Xfce the fix is restricted to x-s-t and is very similar if 
not the same as the g-s-t debdiff that is attached to said bug. The bug 
was last touched yesterday so before it goes to edgy-updates 7 days will 
pass at least. We'll have a xubuntu-system-tools patch ready as well by 
then. Thanks to the OP for raising the issue, I saw the changes go by on 
the edgy-changes list weeks ago but forgot about them.

Unless someone wants to proceed with taking the g-s-t debdiff in 
proposed and applying it to x-s-t and then hooking into that LP bug and 
asking for a SRU for Xubuntu as well, I'll get around to it in a few days.


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